The Art of Aperitivo

A restaurant interior with modernist decor, minimalist colour-block art on the walls, and tables set for dining

Welcome, to Aperitivo.  

A little taste of Italy, from us to you. 


We want to bring together Tutto: all the elements of those moments. Come together, enjoy, and eat a bit of everything on the table like the Italians do. We’ll bring all the passion, the warmth, and the flavours. Leave it to us, you’re now officially off the clock. 


Aperitivo, meaning ‘to open.’ Is the art of relaxing with a pre-dinner drink and bite. In the Italian quintessential style of slowing down, socialising, drinking and of course, eating. Winding down after a hard day’s work with a drink in hand is a form of self-care- and we’ve got you covered. 


During Aperitivo hour, we’re offering our guests £5 on all cocktails, prosecco, Birra Morreti, or house wine, Monday to Friday, available for one hour, and bookable in-between 4pm-6pm. Our delectable Aperitivo cocktails are inspired by classic Italian aperitifs like vermouth, Campari and Aperol- Negroni’s being our running theme. Your drinks will be served alongside cicchetti, (pronounced chi-KET-tee)- an Italian small plate traditionally served in bars throughout Venice. The perfect pre-dinner ingredient to get those tastebuds all fired up.


Every drink you order, we’ll bring a bite- either leave it to us to choose, or take your pick, hassle-free, easy-going dining.

Re-think your post-work happy hour- and come join us for Aperitivo hour, here at Tutto, Brighton.